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Granny Flats or Dual Occupancy Dwellings

Not just another Granny Flat.


A Granny Flat for the discerning purchaser, this Saw Tooth Roof Style will not only add elegance and value to your property, but also provides quiet comfort, safety and security for your loved ones.

With an energy efficiency star rating between 7 and 10 these modern sustainable 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes will  save on energy bills for the life of the dwelling.

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Sustainable Energy Efficient Kit Homes

Choose from a number of modern, stylish designs from 1 to 4 bedroom.

Or should you have your own custom plan in mind. No problem, just send us your dimensioned plan with window and door sizes, to receive your custom estimation.

With 4 different front facades available to customise the street frontage that suits you best.

The external and internal on each panel of the 100mm thick walls is one of the Greenest building products on the planet, Magnesium Oxide Board.

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Raised steel flooring system


Construct on Slab or Raised Flooring


Raised flooring system or Slab? 

A slab is the most economical way to build for a level site.

If there is too much fall on the site, then cut & fill may cause drainage problems and extra expense with retaining walls. If a retaining wall needs to be over a metre high then it will require specific engineering etc. 

Our GMI raised steel flooring system may be a better alternative in certain cases.

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Energy efficient kit homes and modern duplexes
2 Bedroom Granny Flats Hip Roof style

Granny Flats or Secondary Dwellings


The quiet Comfort and Energy Efficiency of these Hip, or Saw Tooth roof style Granny Flats,with 100mm thick rigid foam Insulated Panel walls and double insulated roof, will go on saving on energy bills for the life of the dwelling.

The rendered finish externally and smooth seamless finish internally provides an attractive residence you would be proud to own.


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A Revolution in Modular Energy Efficient Home Design

The Kit Homes with the aesthetic finish of  Master Built Homes.

These stylish prefabricated insulated panel kit homes, reduce onsite waste and clean up as everything is pre-cut and ready to put together like a large lego set.

There are standard plans through to 5 Bedroom, Hip or Saw Tooth Roof styles and each kit can be built on a slab or a raised flooring system.

The design simplicity of the modular panel system and computer generated construction manual takes out the guess work for Owner Builders.

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2 story energy efficient kit homes Noosa 140 4 Bedroom/2 Bathroom

Two Storey 1, 2, & 3 Bedroom Noosa Range


This 2 storey range is well suited to narrow blocks, where there is limited space for a garage, as your carparking space is available underneath.

 The Noosa Range can also be used as a self contained Granny Flat or rental option by enclosing more area on the ground floor.


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small pic Modern Duplexes

Investment Duplexes

These Modern, Attractive, Energy Efficient Duplexes make an ideal investment, as for rentals the internal walls are far more durable and not as easy to damage as the more traditional constructions. 

With the Mgo or Magnesium Oxide Board lining, these buildings have great water resistant, insect resistant, mould resistant, and fire resistant properties, and it is one of the greenest building products on the planet.

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