Energy efficient kit homes Superior Retreat

Superior Retreat 

Features : A 125 sqm Habitable, 3 bedroom, 2 Bath, with a Media Room that could also be a 4th Bedroom and Double Lockup Garage.

Our energy efficient kit homes with the Hip or Saw Tooth Roof options have proven very popular.

There are 4 different front Facades available and a very open plan Kitchen, Dining and Living Room, with a generous alfresco dining area at the back.

energy efficient Kit Homes Superior Retreat 3 Bedroom
Energy efficient kit homes Prestige Retreat

 Prestige Retreat

At 140 sqm habitable the Prestige provides a very comfortable home for the larger family.

Features : 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, a Media room that could also be the 5th bedroom, open plan kitchen, dining, living room, Double Lockup Garage and Alfresco dining area.

Built in robes for each of the smaller bedrooms and a Walk in Robe in the master bedroom.

Energy efficient kit homes Prestige Retreat 4 Bedroom
Energy efficient kit homes Deluxe Retreat

Deluxe Retreat

A slightly smaller 3 bed plan at 103 sqm. habitable.

Features : 3 Bed, 2 Bath, a porch entry into the foyer, Double Lockup Garage, large open plan dining, kitchen, living and Alfresco Dining area at the back.

Hip or Saw Tooth Roof options along with 4 different front facades

Our energy efficient kit homes can be customised to suit your own custom floor plan as well.

2 story energy efficient kit homes Noosa 140 4 Bedroom/2 Bathroom

Noosa 140

Features2 Story 4 bed/2 bath 107.8sqm. first floor.

Staircase entry and Laundry on Ground Floor with double carpark and lots of room for optional Games Room, optional WC., or extra bedrooms.

If fully enclosed then ground floor would be well suited to a self contained rental or Granny Flat.

Energy efficient kit homes Deluxe Retreat 3 Bed Plan
energy efficient kit homes Noosa 140 4Bed/2Bath

Noosa 120  90.5sqm. First Floor & 11.3sqm. Ground Floor, habitable 101.8sqm. 2 Storey, 3 Bed, 1 Bath with 2 car parking .

 Plenty of optional extra space on the ground floor for a rental or Granny Flat.






Noosa 102   73.2sqm. First floor, 11.3sqm. Ground floor.  habitable 84.6sqm. Double Storey 2 bed, 1 bath.

A great first home with loads of room to enclose underneath as the family grows or the budget allows.


Energy efficient kit homes Noosa 120 3 Bed/2Bath
Energy efficient kit homes Noosa 102 2Bed/1Bath

ENHANCED VALUE FEATURES, received when you purchase Energy Efficient Kit Homes from Panelock Building Solutions.

- Stronger cyclone rated construction regardless of the location with all our homes structurally designed to C2 rating.

- Earthquake Resistant structural insulated panel dwellings were some of the few homes left standing after the Kobe earthquake in Japan in the 1980s in close proximity of the epicentre.

- More airtight construction provides a controlled environment for better internal air quality.

- Rigid Foam Insulation in walls does not deteriorate.  Research has repeatedly shown that insulated panels provide continuous insulation that will maintain its stated R-value for the life of the home and outperform fiberglass insulation every time.

- Insect Resistant, termites just cannot stomach the materials used in our homes.

- Water Resistant, the MGO Board lining will not turn to mush when wet like most plasterboard.

- Mould resistant, this is a big bonus in the high humidity areas of Queensland.

- Our walls have a high load bearing capacity due to each panel having an internal steel frame, so multi-level buildings are not a problem.

- Fire safe lining Mgo board , tests show that you can hold an oxy torch flame against this cladding and you won't burn a hole in it or set fire to it.

- The 100mm rigid foam insulated walls and double insulation in the roof , not only provide a very energy efficient home up to 9.5 Star rating with double glazed windows as well, but you also have an acoustically quieter home. This is great if your block is on a busy thoroughfare.

- Modular pre-fabricated panel design delivered complete to site, not only means far quicker construction times but far less on site raw material waste and clean up.

- Australia Wide Delivery.

Energy efficient kit homes Man Cave 1 Bedroom

Man Cave

 Features : The Man Cave at 70sqm. habitable is a 1 -2 bedroom home with Double Garage, designed with the option in mind for future extensions.

These optional extensions turn this into a large 4-5 bedroom home.

Available in Hip or Saw Tooth roof style it also offers the choice of 4 different facades or frontages.

Energy efficient kit homes Man Cave 1 Bed with extension options
Energy efficient kit homes , investment duplex

Investment Duplex


Large 100sqm. per side 2 Bedroom + Multipurpose room or 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom attractive modern Duplex with Single Lockup Garage and optional Carport and optional Alfresco area.


An open internal green space Courtyard between the units is a unique feature of this design.

Energy efficient kit homes and duplexes

Stylish Duplex Designs to suit any Neighborhood.

Strong, Durable, Energy Efficient, Acoustically Quieter, Insect Resistant, Water Resistant, Mould Resistant with a tough harder to damage internal and external lining that is almost Impenetrable by Fire.

Panelock Building Solutions Duplexes just make sense as the ideal rental property for the viability of your Investment Dollars.

Energy efficient kit homes and investment duplexes
Energy efficient kit homes and modern duplexes


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