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Imagine the comfort of living in a home that is so well insulated and sealed, with 100mm walls, double insulated roof and double glazed windows & doors, that you can barely hear outside traffic noise.

A home with minimal requirement for mechanical heating and cooling as the internal temperature range is so easy to control and moderate due to the insulation.

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Climate Friendly Homes of the Future 

Want to build an energy efficient insulated panel home, but not sure where to start?

Before you even consider paying for someone to draft  your custom plan, give Panelock Building Solutions a call to discuss your needs.

All of our homes need to be drawn to suit panel sizes, so our quotes include all the building application paperwork such as , engineering, energy efficiency certification, drafting and site plan.

So talk to our experienced team today to avoid unnecessary out of pocket expenses.




Home Pack loaded for delivery

Upon receipt of council approval and the manufacturing deposit has been paid, the ordering and the manufacturing process takes place.

Most Home Packs are ready to despatch in 4 to 5 weeks.

At this point a specialised transport company experienced in handling Insulated Panels is called in to deliver the Home Packs to site Australia Wide.

The main prerequisite is that all sites require semi trailer access to unload.

Clients are required to provide the services of an all terrain forklift to unload as this will avoid damage to the panels.

In some country areas this may not be possible, in these circumstances a semi with a forklift onboard can be provided for at an extra cost for these deliveries.

Why Choose an Insulated Panel Construction from Panelock Building Solutions?


Panelock Building Solutions Home Packs are making Owner Builder construction popular again.
Panelock homes are designed with the Owner Builder in mind.
Standing the panel walls is simply a 3 step process, with placing a bottom channel, standing the wall panels and fitting the top channel.
As you stand each panel it is a complete wall, with external lining , rigid foam insulation, and internal lining, with the added strength of an internal steel frame around each panel.
Our computer generated 3d construction manual specific to your particular home, along with a home pack that is totally prefabricated and delivered to site ready to assemble like a giant meccano kit, makes building your own home a lot easier than you think.
The biggest hurdle for the Owner Builder is finding finance solutions as most of the major banks, see these sort of mortgages rightly or wrongly as risky.

Panelock Flooring System
Standing Wall Panels

We now have options available for Owner Builder or Pre-manufactured Kit Home Finance for approved clients.


Looking for a home loan that can be used for the financing of kit homes or other pre-manufactured constructions. Funding for these dwellings is different to standard home finance and can be provided through a staged approach, from the land purchase, to material delivery, to the completed build.

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