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Owner manager Col Watt.

Being involved in sales for most of his working life, predominantly in the building industry, Col has always worked on the philosophy of treating his clients the same way he would like to be treated, if he was in their shoes.

A ready smile, a relaxed helpful attitude, and finding the best value for money solution for the client’s budget, pretty much sums up Col’s attitude to business .

Twenty-five years in the Australian building industry ruled by timber, steel , brick and concrete has shown  Col,  that change does not come easy in the building game, and that possibly only once in a lifetime is a new product technology developed, that can revolutionize standard building design.

Along with the rising cost of energy, and record temperature extremes becoming the normal rather than the exception, greater fire danger and increases in severe weather events, the time for designing our future homes with climate change in mind is most certainly upon us.

Thinking from our customers perspective, and consideration for future weather extremes, brought on by our changing climate conditions and the rising cost of energy, it suddenly became very clear what was seriously lacking in the marketplace .

  • Superior Design Strength for your family’s Safety from Super Cell Storms and Cyclones.
  • Greater energy efficiency up to 9.5 star ratings for extremes of both heat and cold, Saving on your family’s energy bills for the life of your home.
  • A more airtight and therefore acoustically quieter home, allowing for better control of indoor environmental conditions, providing greater Comfort for the family.
  • Product and manufacturing process Sustainability, was an ultra important consideration in minimising greenhouse gas emissions, and building for the future with design durability, superior strength, yet lightweight construction material that was both non toxic and recyclable.
  • Our homes are not just another kit home, but a modern, smooth line, rendered aesthetic finish you can be proud of, generally only seen on a master built construction.
  • And the fire safety of an external and internal cladding that is almost impenetrable by fire, that is insect resistant, water resistant and mould resistant as well.
  • Also a modular design for simplicity of construction by Registered Builders and Owner Builders alike.

Just imagine the security and peace of mind you would feel, if you could build a home for your family, or a Granny Flat for a loved one, that covered all the above aspects and more, at an affordable rate.

Well now you can, as Panelock Building Solutions homes, truly are the homes of the future, designed for climate change and your family’s comfort, safety and security.

So if you’re looking to build now or in the future, then build for the future with Panelock Building Solutions.

Call on  Col’s experience and give him a call on

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Or email : panelockbuildings@gmail.com