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Panelock Building Solutions provides the following standard inclusions with each kit.

Preliminaries  :

  • Drafting and engineering plans for the home.

  • Engineering for slab or footings from soil report from client.

  • Energy efficiency certificate.

  • Glazing certificate, Truss certificate ( when we provide trusses )

  • Voids every 400mm around the wall for electrical conduit and wiring.

  • Metal encased void in the panel where the shower plumbing is fitted.



Panelock new home image

On the right, you can see an example of the wall panel layout detail for the above drawing.  All walls are numbered and all openings are pre-cut and wall panel sizes are shown to make everything easy to follow. provided for the construction drawings for each

Panelock Front Wall Detail

External & Internal Walls

  • 100mm BFC ( Bamboo Fibre Cement Board) Panel-Lock Wall System, cut ready to erect.
  • External & Internal Sheet – Bamboo Fibre Cement Board
  • Includes Top and Bottom Plate with a steel post concealed between every two panels.
  •  2700mm – 3000mm wall height

Structural Floor System

Panelok Building Systems developed its own Structural Floor system to provide a premium product that is easy to use & sustainable.

BFC panel insulated flooring can be provided as an added extra for homes on raised floors in cold climate areas.

Floor sheeting and decking is not supplied as part of the Home Pack.

Steel Beams, Joists, Bearers & Posts are cut in factory to save time on site and in most cases no cutting or drilling is required on site.

  • Posts
  • Joists at 480mm centres and posts maximum 500mm – 900mm in ground
  • Decking and Flooring sheets by others.
  • Panel Flooring if requested – Joists will be at 1000mm centre.
  • Adjustable stump tops and extra length posts will be a variation to standard costs.
  • All structural floor components in Gal.
  • Engineering
  • Floor System Manual
  •  Roof Design – Panel Roof (Veranda only if required)

    • 75mm and 100mm EPS Panel System
    • Fascia, gutter and flashings

    Roofing – Truss Roof design only

    • Trusses , Roof and Ceiling Battens – Timber or Steel available including Tie Down Connections.
    • R 1.5 Blanket Insulation under the roof sheeting, and R3.0 Insulation batts above the ceiling providing a double insulated roof.
Sips Kit Homes Australia

Roof Design – Roof, Gutter, Barges & Fascia

  • Colorbond Corro or Monoclad roof, fascia, barges and gutter available in all standard Colorbond colours
    • Cornice I By Others )

      Ceilings Battens & Soffits 

      • Gyprock and cornice  ( By Others)
      • Fibre Cement Sheeting (Optional)

      Ceiling Height

       2700mm – 3000mm 

    • Timber skirting, door jambs & architraves (By Others)

      Windows and glass doors are standard as energy-efficient Low E glass in aluminium Frames. 

    Double Glazed windows and doors are available in colder climate areas as an optional extra.   Conventional Windows such as louvres are available but are not available in Double Glazed.
  • Available in standard White, Cream, Silver and Monument ( Black)

    • Other colours available but will be a variation to standard costs – Time schedules will need to be  checked with supplier prior to ordering
    • All Double Glazed windows and doors have Clear glass internal and external.
    • Stainless Steel Security Screens or fly screens are optional extra. 
    • Form fifteen’s for the glazing provided.

    Entrance personal Doors ( By Others)

    • All personal doors & door furniture for both internal and external doors to be supplied By Others

    Wardrobes are opening accomodation in the walls only.

    • Excludes doors and shelving


    • All staircases stringers and treads to be supplied locally by others

    Steel Beams & Posts (where applicable)

    • Beams – 150 x 50 maximum
    • Posts – 75 x 75 x 4mm maximum
    • Beams and Posts over these sizes will be a variation to standard costs
    • Beams spans over 4500mm will be a variation to standard cost and engineering

    Miscellaneous fixings etc.

    • Screws
    • Glues
    • Fixings
    • Sikaflex
    • Bolts
    •  Wall sealant and jointing compound are provided for all internal walls & our recommended render system in your choice of colorbond colours provided for the external walls.
    • : When building location is supplied by client, all home packs will be quoted delivered to site. Clients must provide  Semi-Trailer access to the site